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Cymbalta nausea

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I just started on Cymbalta recently. I've been vomiting and having nausea after taking it. The nausea seems worse if I have any food in my stomach.

I don't see my pdoc for another week.

Is there anything that can help this? Is this a common side effect?

Thank you!

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I don't really have any words of wisdom or encouraging news for you because I was nauseous and dysphoric all the time I was on Cymbalta which was about 3 months. I did not vomit though. If I were you, I'd try to tough through the initial side effects to see if they go away. If they don't go away or if you absolutely cannot tolerate them, please talk it over with your doctor. Cymbalta could possibly not be the med for you.

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I hope it passes for you. In the meantime ginger is very good. Ginger tea, ginger cordial or chew on crystallized ginger. It really helps with nausea. Definitely mention it to your doctor when you see him but hopefully it will go away as you get used to the medication.

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Thank you all!!!


I'll tough it out and hope it will subside soon... but will still tell my pdoc. It kind of sounds like this might be a pretty common thing with this med...


I'll probably try drinking some ginger-ale or sprite...


Thank you all again!! I'll update after I have my appointment next Monday.

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I'm switching to Cymbalta and also starting a new full time job...yay.  Just wondering if the nausea came on shortly after taking the med, whether it lasted all day or if it passed after a couple of hours.  I'm just trying to strategize when to take it.


For me the nausea came on shortly after taking my tablet and lasted for two hours or so after that. But I took it in a split dose, morning and evening so I was pretty nauseous much of the time.

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