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New task at work.... WHY ME?!?!?!?!?!

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I'm now going to be taking people's vitals at work. 


I just took someone's blood pressure as a test and I already feel sickness crawling on my hands. 


I have to take their oral temperature too. OMG my hands are going to be near their mouth. They're going to be breathing on my hand basically. This is a nightmare. 


Eww. Eww. Eww. I don't like to touch people. It gives me nightmares. 


This isn't what I signed up for! Why me!?


I'm also going to be doing drug urine analysis and pregnancy test. GOD NO! I want to cry. 


Any tips? I'm already planning on using the hand sanitizer immediately after. 


And wash my hands. 


Any tips on how to get through? This is a nightmare. 


EDIT: Boss suggested I try gloves. If that doesn't work, then they can find someone else to do it. 

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Was going to suggest gloves too.  Maybe you can wear one of those face masks that cover your nose and mouth?


Why would she need a face mask to take vital signs or test urine?! It's not really necessary.



I figured she was worried about germs, so I was trying to think of things that would help is all.

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I think everyone else has already given some good suggestions. For me, I find it helpful in similar situations to take a deep breath and remember:


1) The fear that I'm feeling is very intense and feels very real to me, but it's a result of a chemical imbalance in my brain and is very unlikely to actually happen. i.e., the result of being exposed to something I consider contaminated is that I will feel very scared and it will be very unpleasant, but I won't actually get a parasite (this is my big health one). If you have a sympathetic friend, I find it really helpful sometimes to ask their opinion if I'm having trouble convincing myself of this, like I'll describe the situation and ask them if I'm at real risk of X. 


2) The fear will pass. I will feel very scared and it will be very unpleasant, but eventually the feeling will pass and I will feel better.


I hope you're able to get through it okay and reward yourself well after. 


Why would she need a face mask to take vital signs or test urine?! It's not really necessary.

We're on the OCD board...

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Maybe see this as a form of exposure therapy?


So maybe do deep breaths during the urine analysis and during vitals. Tell yourself all the reasons why you could not get infected... don't allow magical (illogical, whatever you want to call it) thinking to come into the picture.


If you have a magical (not possible to happen) thought.. tell yourself why this is not logical with all your science knowledge.


Health workers usually wash their hands before putting on gloves and wash their hands after taking off the gloves. 


Very hard to get diseases from Urine unless you drink and even then (from my knowledge) you still have a low chance of getting anything (at least anything that you can't treat/cure).


If you follow procedure of infection control.. like washing your hands before and after the exam, not taking off your gloves until you put the sample of urine in the clear bag, washing your hands after you leave it in the specimen pick up area, etc. The chances of infection are very very low.

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