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You can, however, try imposing yourself on the mercy of the admins (myself, Wooster, VelvetElvis, sylvan). The catch is that we don't tend to delete accounts without a very good reason. After all, as crtclms pointed out, part of the agreement is that posts stay up. So, feel free to let us know why we should honour this request!

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No, I'm not going anywhere!  I just wound up with two accounts because I was away from the site for a long time and forgot that I already had an account when I came back.  I made a new one with my Facebook login, but then found my old account and started using it.  I don't necessarily need the account deleted, I just don't want it associated with my Facebook account anymore so I can connect it with my old/currently used account.

To be clear, it's the "fiercephoenix" account that is currently connected to Facebook.  I'd like to be able to connect FB to my "Motoko" account.

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