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Quitting drinking tomorrow.. I mean it!

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I drink a litre of red wine every night and have done so for the past 4 years or so. In fact I'm so addicted that 2 years ago I decided to lose weight and had to cut my calories in half but those calories were all food cals because I couldn't bear (bare?) to reduce my wine cals. So now I hardly eat anything all day so I can still drink and lose weight. But I've developed severe anxiety and was recently prescribed ADs and it was clearly explained to me not to drink while taking them and yet I did. But I am supposed to up my dosage and I think it's a bad idea to do that until I quit. So what kind of detox am I looking at here? What can I do to lessen the physical symptoms of withdrawal? I've got a full time job and it's my busiest time of the year so I can't be laid up in bed. Any tips would be appreciated.

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you should be proud of yourself for deciding to make a change this huge but as malachite said - you don't want to endanger yourself. do you have access to rehabilitation services? withdrawal is brutal for both your mind and body. do you have social support?

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