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allergy elimination diets

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so I had allergy testing done today


congrats to me I am allergic to the state I live in



they gave me these sheets listing foods I need to eliminate from my diet  - this is just the list to start you out  the nurse said


and i'm doing more research online


but I feel like everyone is trying to make me crazy


the sheet she gave me and told me to start working on removing these foods  

the list for molds is terrifying


all of my go to foods are on that list


I don't think I can do this


I feel like  because I took my eating disorder too far in the past that I am now being punished   with a complicated diet

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i'm also allergic to the province i live in but after testing i was never given an extensive list of foods to avoid. what are some of the foods on your list? are they all vital to gaining control of your health or are they just suggestions? is it a process of elimination to see which items provoke a reaction or make your symptoms better? as long as its not immediately life threatening - you should take it as slowly as you feel comfortable with. 

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I don't know for sure how it works, but perhaps they have you eliminate the foods until you're no longer symptomatic and then start adding them back in one food at a time.  Can you find out if that's true? If that's true, then maybe it's something you might be able to handle.

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I have done a few elimination diets. Try to remember that a lot of the foods on the list are only removed temporarily until you feel well. Then that's your baseline and you trial groups of foods to see how you react (or if you react). If you don't you can leave them back in. It's tough though, even more so when your staple foods are all taken away from you :(

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