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Hey all! 


I'm a third-year college student living with the bundle of joy that's depression, as well as some anxiety and bizarre fears of things like sleeping and e-mail, which, y'know, don't fit too well with being a student.


I've been living with the depression and anxiety for a while now, and growing up gay in an Irish-Catholic neighborhood with some ultraconservative relatives probably didn't help. My freshman year, I spent a bit of time in a mental hospital for yelling unsettling/suicidal things after a trip to the regular hospital for alcohol poisoning. (It was one hell of a pre-pledge.) Even further back, in high school, I struggled with self-injury and an eating disorder. I'm fairly confident those two are behind me, but it's the other stuff that's still whacking at my head.


Today I finally made an appointment with the school's psychiatrist, and I'll be seeing them on Friday. It'll be my first time seeing someone there in a while. Basically, I'm here for additional support for the rest of my bag of mixed nuts.


Here's hoping for the best!

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Warning: park at own risk, random unicorns may decide to sleep on your car and they can get territorial as fuck. Though if you successfully get a doughnut onto their horn it might distract them long enough for you to get back IN your car.

Unicorns don't need parking lots. Though this one likes GOOD coffee. *raises hoof*

Erm, I mean, welcome to CB!

"I heard rumors of coffee and doughnuts."

Ah, that rumour.

More often it's the one about the nipple clamps.

(cast an eye over the rules and guidance for newcomers.)

Welcome to Crazyboards.


Now now, Chris. Some of us bring our own, plus enough extras for everyone. Or maybe that's just... well no that's not just me. Awesome.

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Good luck with your Psychiatrist! If for some reason after a few visits you aren't happy, don't give up--it took me 5 try's to find a doctor I like & I think probably most will agree, any person in our situations HAS to at the very LEAST like our doctor...

You have to be able to trust, not feel as if they judging you, be able to confide in, and really like your "crazy doc" to really get what you NEED to get out of things... Which is non-judgmental advise, communication, medication, therapy, or all if the above, in MY case! If at first you don't succeed--try another doctor!

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