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Withdrawal from Zyprexa after 11 days on it

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Hi all,

I was recently prescribed Zyprexa (olanzapine) for my sleep problems, which started 3 weeks before I was prescribed Zyprexa. I do not have any psychiatric disorder. I took Zyprexa for 11 days, 5 mg per night during the first 8 days and then 2.5 mg per night. Then I stopped because I read many horror stories in Internet, while my neurologist wanted me to take it for at least one month.

Now I am 12 days off Zyprexa and experience withdrawal symptoms: Worsened insomnia (I now sleep 2-3 hours per night; before taking Zyprexa I slept 3-5 hours per night), unclear thinking, anxiety, tinnitus, I never get tired or sleepy and do not want to eat.

How long should withdrawal symptoms last after such a short-term use of Zyprexa? Should I expect to fully recover my ability to get tired or sleepy? Do you have your own experience, or read experiences in Internet, with a short-term use of Zyprexa?

How long will Zyprexa continue to block receptors in my brain? I am afraid that some receptors may continue to be blocked for a long time, even after there is no longer any significant amount of olanzapine in my blood.

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Was on it for a couple weeks, took a couple weeks for all withdrawal symptoms to go away I think. 


Don't know the answer to your second question. 


After the onset of my insomnia and before taking Zyprexa, I was always very tired because of the lack of sleep. Now, I am not tired at all despite that I sleep even less. I lost the ability to feel tiredness because of having taken Zyprexa.


Did you have this symptom specifically? If so, how long did it last?

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