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Newbie with Questions, Vyvanse User Switched to Adderall

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So, I'm new on here... I'm just looking to get information & see what I can learn from others about my new diagnosis... I do have a couple generic questions... Thanks in advance to any who respond!

I was diagnosed with ADHD a little over a month ago. I recently learned that my condition is called the "Inattentive Type"...

I will be 30 in 2 months, so u can imagine my shock, but then again it really makes A LOT of sense once I started reading up after my doctor told me that and I quote "I think we have been battling the wrong demons"...

I have been dealing with severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks for about 4yrs now... I started seeing my current Psychiatrist roughly 2yrs ago & I love him. He's a wonderful doctor & I'm grateful for that! I have tried numerous anti-depressants thru out the past couple years, but absolutely NONE of them helped... The past 2yrs have been some of the roughest I have ever had... And prior to starting medication, I knew it was bad, I just didn't realize HOW BAD..

My doc started me out on 20mg of Vyvanse, which at first worked wonderfully. I felt like my old, OCD crazy self... I WANTED to clean & organize (something I've always done in the past up until my issues started), I wake up in the morning before my alarm clock goes off & actually have energy thru the day to get things done...WITHOUT needing to take a 4hr nap... Before I started Vyvanse, I literally got up & got my daughter to school at 8:15AM, came home & laid down & fell asleep until I picked her up at 3PM, then it was a STRUGGLE to stay awake from 3PM 'til bedtime at 9PM... Once I got her to bed, I'd just collapse on the couch, too tired to bathe, or anything (not like me at all... I could never sleep without shaving, washing my hair & showering before bed)...

Anyways, I have been on Vyvanse for a month, after 2wks he upped it to 40mg, because I just wasn't getting the same affects I had at first, tho I was no where near how I WAS BEFORE medication... But it would start wearing off it seemed about Noon to 1PM, so I'd take another 20mg pill OR the other half of my 40mg (doc said this was ok), but I've noticed the past week, it's just not cutting it...

Today, he decided to change me to Adderall Immediate Release starting at basically 20mg per day. 10mg when I wake up, 5mg around Noon/1PM & then 5mg more if needed BEFORE 5/6PM... I start this regimen today in about 2hrs, actually... I'm a little nervous...

I have read so many things & actually known quite a few ppl who have become completely dependent/addicted to Adderall... And I realize that all of us with ADHD/ADD really ARE dependent on our stimulants, because we NEED them to FUNCTION, but there's a difference in being dependent on something to function, because u have a disease verses being an addict & needing it because u started it for whatever reason & now cannot function without it--Hope that makes sense...

Anyways, I'm curious if I should expect anything new... Negative or Positive from Adderall that Vyvanse did or did not do?

I'm wondering if I will get "used" to the dose I'm on now & it stop working & I need more, if so how long until that happens? I realize that my dose may need adjusting for a little bit until I find what dose it is that I need, but I am talking after that...

Also, I was pleasantly surprised that my appetite was quite good when I started Vyvanse. I actually gained weight in the month I was on it despite my doctor saying it might do the opposite... Will I start losing again now that I will be starting Adderall? I was EXTREMELY HAPPY to have gained the 10lbs or so that I did... I love my curves & they were just gone & non-existent prior to being diagnosed... I realize this is the opposite of many, but I don't care...lol...

Anyways, with all that being said & those few questions asked, I'm just kinda curious as to what I can possibly expect. Anyone else used Vyvanse & switched to Adderall?

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Hi there, and welcome to CrazyBoards.  I don't personally have experience with the meds you're asking about, but I wanted to tell you that your questions run the risk of getting lost or being missed if they're left on the introductions forum.  I'm going to go ahead and move this to the CNS Stimulants forum, where you'll find information on other people's experiences with Vyvanse and Adderall, and hopefully get some input in return.


Mia (moderator)

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