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Considering ECT, how long does it last?


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I've been med resistant for most of my illness, been through the whole gamut and found little that worked. Even on the medication I'm on I experience regular suicidal ideations. I was wondering if ECT might clear that up. And if so how often do you need to have the treatments? I live in a remote area and would have to fly to another state to get the treatments. I haven't talked to my insurance provider, but considering how much they covered my last three hospitalizations they might cover the travel costs as well.

Is this at all a viable option for me?

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I had 3series of treatment while an inpatient. The first series was 6 treatments. Then 9 and the last was 12.

They did them M/We'd/Fri so you can get an idea how long I was hospitalized each time.

The first 2 series worked well. Then, stupidly I went off the AD I was taking and quickly I was back in bad shape. The third time the depression never got better.

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