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Has anyone been on Vyvanse long-term and experienced diminishing returns?


I have been on it for 14 months.  Prior to that I was off it for four months.  Prior to that I was on it 16 months.


I have been treated with it to separate times, separted by a four month break, in other words.


When I started it, both times I initially felt euphoria and almost hyper-focus.  I could read for three hours straight.


These days I don't feel any emotional effects.  I barely notice I am taking it.  I feel slightly more alert.   The most I can read is an hour and a half.   Thats the HIGH END of reading!  


So, I'm experiencing diminishing marginal returns.


I recognize this is common with stimulants, but what is the recourse? I can't keep upping the dose.  I'm at 60 mg.  and the max recommended dose is 70 mg. (though I'm sure many PDOC's exceed that dose).


In general, my thoughts are organized and I am less impulsive.  My ADD is in check, so I guess I'm not complaining.

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