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It feels as if I am being watched and lisetend to, whenever I do make some noise.. whether it be conversations. typing, or etc.


I know for a fact that there r ppl possible conspiring against me, from what I have seen and heard in person, clear as day.. there is a distinct differencve between hallucinating voices and actually hearing them loud and upfront..

and im fucking sick of it, b/c im labaled and i dont know what to believe or if i can believe i can make it anymore.


"hes typing"

"haha did he kill himself yet?"

tthey react to things that i do.. 

(hit punching bag) "oh sh*t!"

(click on porn tab) "aw hell naw!!"


if i find a way to finally treat my schizoaffective disorder, im still fucked.. b/c im starting to suspect rumors and gossip have been spreading while i was keeping myself private.  

feels like the world is against me, what the fuck do you want me to do?

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