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De-lurking... hello.

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I've visited this board off and on as a guest for quite a while now, and finally decided to create an account.


I'm 38 years old, terminally single, queer, genderqueer, and a prosecuting attorney in the Southeastern US.  I adopted two black cats four months ago and the only bad luck they've brought me is the inability to sleep in on the weekends, because kitties want breakfast early in the morning, and maybe some slight damage to my carpet.


Most of my mental health issues are anxiety-related.  I'm doing well with my current meds, but I still don't have much of a social life, which is something I'd like to improve.


I look forward to participating more in this community and wish everyone a happy Friday. 

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Happy Friday to you, too!


It's so great that you adopted black cats---they are the last color to go in most regions of the country.  People are so silly and superstitious.  I think black cats are elegant.


Let us know if there is anything you don't understand.  Check out the chat room and the blogs.



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Thanks, all!


Yes, I knew that black cats have a harder time getting adopted so that is why I decided to adopt a pair of them.  Bonus, I wear a lot of dark clothes and my couch is a dark color, so the cat hair doesn't show as much!


@Paranoidling - ^5!


@Harp - I'm not a snake eating itself, I'm an enso.  A zen symbol of the emptiness and perfect simplicity that is the nature of enlightenment, which is both extremely difficult and healing for a person who struggles with anxiety.  Well, I'm definitely not an enso in real life, but I like to look at them to remain mindful of the peace they symbolize.

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