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Has anyone tried www.bipolaradvantage.com ?

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Well I know what he talkes about. the guy has schizoaffective disorder and thinks it's somehow an advantage if you learn to live with it and use it for achieving goals.

he sais it's best done if you start medication, then go to therapy (I think CBT) and slowley stop medication so you can learn to manage yourself and at the same time take advantage of your bipolar and schizophrenia.

I think this is bullcrap and that guy's ideas and methods are only effective for that guy only because he is a lucky motherf***er how has the advantage of having a very well selected collection of symptoms by god or whatever.

I seriously think it wont work for most of us.

I had good experience with EFT though and you can do EFT for free. just read the tutorial on emofree.com. there is absolutely no need to buy or order something (although they try to push it on you). all the information is in the free tutorial.

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