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What am I supposed to do now?

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Was talking to tdoc today and she said that I had asperger's traits but it's hard to fit it all into one diagnosis. She said that we can work on coping mechanisms for it but that's pretty much all there is. The thing is I've already been doing coping mechanisms to train myself for years. 


E.g. seeming like you show empathy, small talk, smiling at people, laughing when other people laugh even if I don't find a reason to laugh, faking affection, not talking obsessively, other social skills to match what is socially appropriate, etc. 


What am I supposed to do now? I feel like I've hit a brick wall. I've improved as much as I can. 

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I have "autistic traits", which is basically the same thing. I don't receive therapy for it, I receive medication for my Schizoaffective. It was said by the psychologist that diagnosed me that autism symptoms can look like psychosis, and vice versa. I have all those traits you described, but the doctor who assessed me said they are better accounted for by my psychotic disorder. It may not be true for you, but sometimes working on psychosis and working on social skills can help. You may feel like you can't improve, but I bet you can! You can do it, Iaawal! And if you ever feel you need someone to talk to who can relate, I'm here to lend an ear :)

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I might have some autistic traits as well, but not enough for a diagnosis.

There's a whole bunch of notes from my teenage years that emphasises (ugh?) the importance of finding out family history of various diagnoses, so I imagine it can be pretty difficult distinguishing between autism and psychotic disorders (and apparently other things as well, but that's another story).


I can't tell you what to do, because I have no idea myself, but wanted to let you know someone was reading. :)

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