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Cut my arm. Wish I didn't do that.

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Facing a very stressful situation tomorrow. Not coping. Ended up flogging myself a few times then cutting my left arm. Hurt like hell and didn't solve any problems. The crazy thinking is that I want to show the person I will be meeting tomorrow that I'm really suffering.


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Hi BA.


I'm really sorry to hear that you're so distressed that hurting yourself was the best option for this evening. It sucks to have that level of distress. I hope the person you are seeing tomorrow is able to understand your efforts to communicate your distress.


People use self harm for lots of different reasons, including to communicate things that are too hard to say with words.


But also, as you clearly noted, unfortunately self harm doesn't really solve any problems.


I hope that you can find more gentle ways to get what you need in the future.


Please read the forum-specific rules for this part of the boards. You'll realize that we don't discuss specifics of self harm here (ie methods, tools, etc). Please edit your post above accordingly.

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I've done SI sometimes when I couldn't get my words out or couldn't put what I wanted to say into words. If you have a therapist, maybe it could help to tell them that you self-harmed, and they could ask you questions to help you get out what you're really trying to express?

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OP I edited your post to follow our guidelines here on this board.

I understand wanting to show externally how much pain there inside. It took me a long time to find other ways to express how I was feeling. Is that something that you might be open to?

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