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I'm 34.  My mom went through menopause in her mid-40s.


I've started gaining tons of weight (possibly medication-related though), having urine incontinence, and what I think might be hot flashes.


I think my periods still come at normal intervals but I don't really keep track.  


I know it's early, but would this be the start of perimenopause?

ETA:  I also have VERY dry skin, like never before, and acne on my arms and face.  Haven't had acne since my teens.
Insomnia is another one, I keep waking up in the middle of the night for a few hours.
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I think your symptoms are pronounced enough to consider an appointment with your gynecologist, and one with your pdoc.


You really should keep track of when you menstruate:  the ob/gyn will need some information about the intervals between periods and how heavy or light they are, etc.


For some people, Cymbalta can cause hot flashes.  I assume you have check out the side effects of your meds?


They can do blood tests to determine if you are still producing estrogen.  Call your doctors and get in to see them at some point.  I don't think it's an emergency, but these side effects are very unpleasant.



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I started menopause very very early. My periods became erratic and the hot flashes started up. Still here btw.  Can't tolerate estrogen, pill or patch. So I have been living with hot flashes for over 10 years. ugh and double ugh. Agree with Olga. Check with your primary care physician. But it could very well be perimenopause. My periods were lighter and lighter. Once in a while they were heavy, but they started lightening up. Then I would skip a month or two. It took over a year to fully get into menopauselandia. Good news is my migraines got better.  I might have gained weight but since lost the weight. Stopped eating wheat and dairy. 

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I think a trip to the doctor is definitely in order. I've wondered about myself (36). The last 4 years my periods have gotten lighter and lighter. I pretty much have 1 day then barely anything for 3 or 4. I sleep terribly too however that's always been the case. My hormonal blood tests all came back normal though.

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