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Why does my body ache?

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Every morning I wake up stiff, sore and just straight hurting......It's like the pain happened over night....I take OTC pain medication but I fear it's not going to be enough at the rate I'm going. Does anyone here know if my meds are causing this or is it my age? I'm only 29 years young.

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Could be a lot of things, i'm 27 and have had the same problem since i was 24 years old.


I put it down to qutiapine, but I'm going to see my doctor about it as the pain has got worse and OTC pain killers aren't touching it.

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I think it's worth running past your pdoc the next time you see him to find out if it could possibly be your meds. I think it's also worth talking over with your gdoc to try to get to the bottom of it. In my case, my meds (particularly the Tegretol) cover up a LOT of pain including joint pain.

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