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Feeling Suicidal -- Should I tell my psychiatrist?

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The counselling center of my university uses a "suicidality scale", 1 being suicidal ideation but not intent, 10 being "and I will act on it right now". I found it quite helpful, because not all suicidal ideation requires hospitalisation (otherwise I would spend my life inpatient... )

It may be useful to discuss some similar distinction with your pdoc, because it is still relevant data.

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I suspect you'll find the answer to this question is a universal "yes".


Suicidal thoughts are a significant symptom that pdoc needs to know about in order to help effectively.

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Of course you should tell. It might not have to end in hospitalization. When I've been suicidal in the past, but no plans or intents to do anything right away, I've been able to work out a safety contract with my doctors so I don't have to be hospitalized, but can still be supported if I need it. There's no reason not to tell, I don't think. I mean, sure, I don't want to be hospitalized. But I also won't be comfortable at home or enjoying work, family, or anything else if I'm dead.

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