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Can stopping and starting drinking trigger an episode?

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I'm having déjà vu here, or so it would seem. I CANNOT do a repeat of last year. I'd rather die. I've been feeling a mixed state coming on. At first I thought it was akathisia from the abilify, because I stopped taking cogentin for a few days. But I took it again and no dice. I have THAT feeling, And I do not like THAT feeling. Not one bit. Have I done this to myself by trying repeatedly (and failed) to stop drinking?

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Took zyprexa and am feeling better. Still a bit wired and can feel THAT feeling bubbling under the surface, but it's much subdued. Not sure if the drinking caused it, but last year I was stopping and starting at this time and I had a terrible mixed episode. I'm thankful for my meds today.

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