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Latuda, spanish for "The Tuda"

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When the doctor said the word, I laughed out loud.


He smiled and said "What's so funny?"


I replied, "Sorry, obviously I needed a bit of comic relief.  I literally thought you said Latuda!"


Still smiling, he handed me the sample pack.  After verifying that I was not, in fact, hallucinating, I was suddenly very anxious.


"Latuda?....Latuda!?....Seriously?  They went with Latuda?  "Latuda" made it all the way through the corporate bureaucracy (you know...for the kids!), was approved by the FDA, and now you're recommending I actually ingest something called Latuda".


That was six days ago.  I have not taken it, literally because of the name.  It's a thing now.


Crazyboards has been invaluable over the years.  Long-time listener, first-time caller.  Today I learned that the internet isn't really private, so I figured it was OK to go ahead and sign-up.


Thank you to everyone who has posted over the years.  It helps.  A lot.


Time to go check the internet and make sure my doctor knows what he's talking about.

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Welcome to CB! I take a Seroquel generic called Dopaquel (which I always read as "dope-a-quel"), so there are definitely some peculiar names out there.  You have to take it in your stride and call it by the title of the medication (quetiapine, lamotrigine, etc) rather than the brand name if that makes it easier for you.

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