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Anyone here with Bipolar 1 that has tried 7.5mg of AAP vs 10mg successfully?

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Hello, has anyone here with Bipolar 1 tried 7.5 of an AAP vs 10mg successfully without going into psychosis.


Because I am having a real hard time on 5mg abiify sleeping and 5mg saphris. I can sleep on 2.5 abilify and 5mg saphris though.


Any input before I see my pdoc would be greatly appreciated.


Ps. I also take 900mg lithium which my pdoc wants me to go off of.

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I have Bipolar type of Schizoaffective, so I hope you don't mind me replying...


I can't go with just 5mg of Saphris. I have to have the 10mg, which my pdoc actually just upped to 15mg (Was experiencing break through symptoms that I didn't realize) I also can't go without my mood stabilizer, I go straight into mania. Although without an antidepressant it might be different. I slept fine on 30mg of Abilify though, so I'm probably very different from you. I don't get tired from APs, or stimulated by them. 


Anyway, I hope you find a combination that works for you! Maybe it's time to consider different meds if these ones won't let you sleep. Something to bring up to your pdoc, definitely. 

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Does the abilify control the symptoms you are taking it for?  If it does at 2.5mg and you can sleep, why not ?

  I recently was dx'd with BP1 and am on Latuda 10mg  ( hs)and just began this week Depakote 125 mg delayed release ( hs). If I took Latuda 20 mg ( usual staring dose, I would never sleep)

 I have been on the new Depakote since last wed night  ( 5 nights now)  I also take Klonopin 2mg hs only.  So far the Depakote has not caused any serious issues and I can sleep.   Sleep is so essential for BP . 


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Thanks Minon,


Hi Stars, I haven't tried 5mg of saphris and 2.5mg of abilify yet I need my pdocs ok on that. What we both know is I can sleep on 2mg of abilify when I am on 10mg saphris. So I don't know how I would be on 5mg saphris and 2.5mg abilify yet. I am just assuming that I will be able to sleep on 5mg saphris and 2.5mg abilify


Ps. I am stable on 10mg of Saphris.

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So Have 5mg saphris and 2.5mg abilify and if I need it another 2.5mg of saphris on hand would be ideal.


The reason I choose to use abilify even though it effects my sleep with saphris as it doesn't increase my prolactin levels like saphris does and it's activating during the day not sedating.


Here where I live in Canada we have plan-g and all my medication is covered.

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