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There is Wisdom That's Woe and Woe that is Madness

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Hi there everybody.  I was recommended to this site by .id and I am very excited to start using it as a place to meet other people with MIs who can relate.


I am 23, diagnosed with dysthymic depression, and I also fall on the bipolar spectrum.  In the past, I have had hallucinations.  That was toward the beginning of the times when I first started noticing symptoms, about 8 years ago.  I have been on antidepressants for three full months now and they are starting to awaken my irritation/mania, although it may be paired with stress/sleeping/eating/general lack of routine.   I have been touch and go with different counselors/therapists for the past five years. I do not see a one-on-one specialist at the moment, but I do go to Al-Anon (12-Step) meetings regularly and work the steps with a sponsor.  I have been in Program about 7 months and it has been helping me in some ways.  


Posting on here is a next step in my recovery.  I am only beginning to accept that my bipolar and my depression are part of who I am, but I do not have to treat them so vehemently as defects.  There are many positive aspects to it.  I am very creative and clever, poetic, book smart, street smart, very kind and friendly.  However, I would like to have my illness under reins and stop blaming my screw-ups on the bipolar.  I want to have some say in the way that I act, and the way it comes out.  I don't mind if it comes out, as long as it's in a positive, proactive way.


Anyway, cheers to you all and I am looking forward to getting involved on the board. 


Keep it real,


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Welcome, 20 years in Alanon here. Currently more fucked up than those around me, lol

I find I can work my program in regards to my MI same as I worked it while dealing with active or inactive alcoholism and drug addiction.

Acceptance, trusting the journey and of course one day at a time!

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Thank you for the greetings Phoenix and Dragonfly.  


Dragonfly-- 20 years in Al-Anon, wow, that's really impressive! I like the tradition that suggests that we apply the principles to all of our affairs.  I am just beginning to trust the journey and when I accept the present moment, I find that small miracles happen! I am on the rollercoaster thought, so just feeling a little loopy the past few days. 

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Oh don't be impressed, it just happens, doesn't mean I work a good or even okay program. My MI has been giving me a hell of a ride and just recently I realized I needed to practice these principals in all of our affairs. Finding some peace, sorta. Good luck to you, I think you will like it here. I know I do.

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Welcome to Crazyboards!  I'm glad you found us and I hope you will stick around.


We often talk about not letting our MI define us, so this is an issue that many of us are grappling with.  I think you will enjoy talking to the other members here.



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