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Crashing on Wellbutrin XL

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I noticed that you are taking 150mg.  I think that the usual therapeutic dose is 300mg.  Maybe you could talk to your doctor about switching to the 300XL, or taking the 150SR twice a day.


Also, are you on one of the generics?  It might be that the release mechanism with that particular brand isn't working properly.  I thought that all the drug companies corrected that problem, but it was a big issue 6 or 7 years ago with the Teva version.


Your best bet is to get in to see your pdoc as soon as possible.



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Sorry to crash this post, but I just started taking bupropion today, 150 mg.  I am prone to migraines and about half an hour after taking my dose this morning, I got a terrible headache - not sure if it was from the med or just having a migraine day.  Also, I could BARELY eat lunch, and even after I did, I had terrible stomach issues. Also got very sleepy midday.  Just wanted someone to compare notes with.  

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