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Anyone found meds or anything else that relieves the chest pain? Mines so bad I've had EKGs, all that stuff etc, but nothing...it's just the anxiety. I used to take Valium and it helped but I can't take benzos anymore...basically, I used to have Dissociative Identity Disorder but have integrated and recovered, but Valium makes my alters suddenly reappear, no good :/

Warm baths help a little but that's not very convenient. I'm hopefully getting a job soon and I'm doing pretty well on my meds but I'm struggling with niggling pain and shortness of breath and worried how to handle it when working

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I had the same issues with chest pain, and nothing wrong was found.


My pdoc put me on propranolol which really worked for me.  Not on it now, but when I was it really helped out a lot.


ETA:  I'm sorry ... I didn't realize you were already on propranolol.  Have you tried tenormin?

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I've had anxiety-related chest pain in the past.  Breathing exercises helped some.  Also in retrospect, I think some of it might have been heartburn from a poor diet, so making sure to eat well only helps.  Tea, too, can be soothing. 


Since you found that warm baths help, I wonder if a heating pad might do something for you?  Could be more convenient, depending on what kind of work you will be doing.

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