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Who The Hell Are You? - I'm World

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Hello! My name is World. I am 27 female. I have come down from the lurking rafters, as I wanted to ask a few questions. I will probably retreat back to the rafters, but thought that I should introduce myself, before I do.


I have unofficially, been Dx with Bipolar 1 with psychotic features and ADHD. I am addicted also to weed and have decreased my use substantially in the last few months. Pdoc won't make DX official, until I am sober for a min of 6 months.

I see a GP, psychologist, and social worker very regularly, and can see my Psychiatrist when I am spiraling out of control or need a big medication change.

I am taking champix (which has helped curbed the pot cravings a lot), Lamotrigine, Zyprexa, and about to add Saphris into the mix tomorrow.


I don't have the best writing ability, so please excuse any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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Welcome, World!  I think your writing is just fine and very clear.  We have a lot of lurkers, so it's perfectly okay to hang out here and read a lot without posting often.


It's very hard to get addictions under control.  I admire the fact that you are making a sincere effort.  Be sure to check out our Addictions forum if you feel you need support.


Good luck!



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Scumscum, please do not throw religion at our members.  You are welcome to practice your religion, but do NOT tell our members that God is asking them to come to him.  That is unacceptable here.  Please read our User Agreement.



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