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Anxiety Group--An Idea that was SUPER Helpful to me

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I've had terrible anxiety and self-esteem issues for awhile and am getting help medication wise, but also have been attending an anti-anxiety group therapy. Some of the stuff is kind of new-agey and hokey, but the doctor leading the group said something to me that was *really* profound and helpful and I wanted to share it.


I had talked about always having negative voices in my head: "my co-workers are going to find out that I'm a fraud" "my spouse doesn't really love me" "why am I bothering to exercise when I'm 50 years old and will never look as good as I used to" etc.


One of the exercises we did was to train ourselves to say positive things about ourselves several times a day: "I did a good job and finished my project early", "I have a lot of friends", etc. 

Several of us, myself included, would laugh when we would say these things and I said that it seemed ridiculous to be saying these kinds of things to myself.


The doctor replied "why is it that all the negative things you say to yourself are valid but anything positive you say is ridiculous?". That *TOTALLY* broke through to me because, logically, he's completely right. Both things are just thoughts and I've been endlessly believing the negative feedback loop in my head while totally ignoring the positive one.


Hope this is helpful to someone else.

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Thats a great way to do it! We learned that when i was IP this last time...when we first did the exercise i cried because it was 'name one positive thing about you that you like'......total silence then i cried because i had absolutely nothing. But after weeks of work i found stuff and read it when i need to.

This kind of therapy and inner work is great because it makes you rethink how you see yourself...not just as a negative person, but someone with positive qualities as well.

Great work!

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