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hello.....I am just recently been put onto oral haloperidolle at 6.5mg equivalent to my 100mg injection but rteally I don't know why they woud do that, Its quite obvious I wouldn't take them...I do nothing all day dstill even though its now 6weeks since mylast injection.  I am using rauwolfia which is an interesting herb in the history of psychaitry, it gave them the idea for dopamine hypothesis because the herb limits the amount of dopamine receptors able to form in the brain, they extracted the alkaloid reserpine and that was effective in treating schizoprhenia in about 1952 two years before the patentable cousins came on the market..so I am using a herb with great success...I had fears about  my mind coming back a mess fro the antipscyhotic over a long pperios of time, who knows what state mymind will be in so I feared it....I amost took some haloperidole but then decided  to take some rauwolfia and was amazed at the results...won't go on about it not sure this is  the right place.

One thing that happened to me in about 2013 I refused treatemtn and my celbrity astral lover came bak to me and initiated a voyage of the universe, into hyperspace above then beyond to mmeet extraterrestrial life, I know nobody would belive me but I went places like the land of the gods and land of the archangells the archangels have erected a monumetn for me more lately, I went beyond land of the archangels to what didn't make anysense how it was a being,, putrple outline of butterfly kind of thing, I will get back to that with the timeline, I met them again more recently and one transformed into its true form which is human and got me in a white room and I was her lover....but ever since using the rauwolfia and coming off injections she is no longer really happening unless I trip which is an unfortuante side feffectsince going on this voyage in hopstial, the celebrity released a killer track on the radio "Dark Horse" and I sore it a s a sign that she know Of our love we have on the astral any  time I got off antipscyhotic, only this time I went to howptial she was onto it, and I betggerd her to help me still have relationship even though the antipscyhotic made me too dumb and not a sex partner couldn't do the astral anymore but it still coomes to me rarely when I smoke marijuana I get trips, maybe an extrension of what I wished for in the begining to still have astral abiltiy, the trips are too hard to tal about, like forced astral projection and beings trying to mess me up, or it starts with a visitation {not the celbrity anmore but it was her for a while until I am too useless on antipscyhotic}starts with visitation then they remark on how Ikeep myself and the unit and try to get me to lean up its really  uncommfortable but It mainly because in that state I am uncomforatable with myslef and living conditions I don';t want potential loovers to ssee, I am embarrassed but then all the other shit starts creeping in the vistitation opens me up to visitation for hostile forces treraing at me and making me disturbed and satral project its horrible and I can't sleepp when this is happening although I did find breathing excercises to really hekp get enough peace to get into a deep resptfull state but not alseep the whole night then things calm down bymooren9ong and go into the next litlle while without so much as a peep from astrals weven when I am stoned,


sorry this is so hard to read, bleive me I haven;;t improved yet enough to make more sense in my  wirting, and typos I can;'t be bothered fixing and bad grammar..I hope nobody attacks me for this, its iatrogenic, I got worse from the treatmetn and I am still brain damaged, so give me a break I say but up to you. you can attack me fore it but it still won't make the attacker interesting to me.

nothing helps the trips, I told my past couple of case managers about it but they aernt telling the psychaitrist, nothing they can do extra haliperidole just makes me split off and release my light even more I cant handle the astral on haloperidole but I might be able to soon, my latest case manager who challenges me a bit more about whether I take the medicaiton and why would I take it if I hate it so much reallyt ricky to answer without smiling and giving away the fact that I am not taking the meds...I am stable enough finding it hard to astral project most of the time....oh yeah the astral girlfreind I met beyond the land of the archangels, she is gorgeous but things not going on with her so much now the rauwolfia has taken over, or she was just there to make my stay on haldol a bit better...surely the astral will become more normal and I eventuallyget back into astrla projection and hope its not limited to the type of shit I get with visitation currently, I hope it gets better ecause the tirips were mainly about the cebrity turning nastty when I fell into a ditch on haldol she didn't like me anynore but still came to me or I drew on her, I would expect every visitaiton to be her these days or almost getting over that, I don't think its her anymore, never reallyknoew until dark horse came out check it out, its good for a laugh but I don't think people like  me talking about it, or it gets me into trouble....all the t=sppcyahitraist say is that they worry about my reputation with this elbrity themed stuff going one...she says in one song on her new alboum she sees her legendary lover through her third eye, playing with magic in dark horse magical one of mystery in spiritaul and sounds to me like she is talking about astral loovers, although I don't believe it lately I couldn't care less, we n longer an item otherewise she be onto the fact that I got moved to orals and not taking them means the astral will get more normal eventually and be able to hold overs n the astral and have some fun, but no fun yet as I said about the trips, I gotta get it right so taht visitation doesn;;t fereak me out and end up with loads of hostile visitors,




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the ET astral lover she was amazing she made it so I could get turned on by her and things went off we had sex ans hshe made me so much pleasure and feeling from it that I orgasmed nothing come out just a longstanding orgasm that much pleaseure, don't wasnt to worry now, things are better but I had a hard time with rapists wanting a peace of her, things abetter now we no longer ereally a ssociate since going off the injection

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Hi, and welcome to CB. :)


Do you have a psychiatrist? If so, did you talk to him/her about the Rauwolfia? 


Some antipsychotics may not work, but there are many choices out there to choose from. Maybe if you talk to a doctor, they could suggest a different one for you? 


I hope this helps. Enjoy your stay here at CB. ^^

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I doubt any doctor will know about rauwolfia, even though it plays a large part in coming up with the dopamine hypothesis....they would pretend to know that it won't work but it does, it has been studied in a handfull of trials on pscyh patients, one wass called brahmyadiyoga, there is a link I should get up from a book for reedieies for children and adolescence.http://books.google.com.au/books?id=qtwr5pJNkzYC&pg=PA332&lpg=PA332&dq=rauwolfia+antipsychotic&source=bl&ots=s7T9iGOOmm&sig=IFmBmtErzlDjQqwNs-FaOLlWA8A&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Y2QzVMyKDYvgoASnxILACg&ved=0CFIQ6AEwCQ#v=onepage&q=rauwolfia%20antipsychotic&f=false that llink has details about rauwolfia, a different species of rauwolfia is used in nigeria too and they tested taht out on patients...the brahmyadi yoga was comparible to chlopromazine in its effectiveness......despite all this I doubt a doctor will know....I only tell them about  it once I am off CTO which may be never for the mean time I gotta fly under the radar and pretend to take the haldol. rauwollfia is a reason for them to drop my dose might try that line maybe, can basically  be on nothing when rauwolfia does what it does.

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