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Lithium only to treat bipolar 1 disorder?

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Hi I has been on 900mg lithium successfully and I have Bipolar 1. The problem was I kept thinking I was better and going off my Lithium 900mg and relapsing in a week.


My question is, is there anyone else out there that is only on lithium for Bipolar 1 if so I would like to hear from you.



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I'm not bipolar 1 but I know it's the gold standard for bipolar. Lithium has helped me immensely. My mood swings are less severe and it stops the suicidal thoughts. Lithium is also good to take because it will repair neurons damaged from mania/psychosis. Side effects aren't too bad eitger. Just increased thirst and some diarrhea. Be sure to request the extended release because it's easier on the stomach.

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