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Andrew Solomon TED Talk on Depression

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Andrew Solomon is the author of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression (find it at the Crazystore!). This is a really good, first person description of what depression is and how it feels, drawing upon his interviews with other depressives. He touches upon how depression is conceptualized in different cultural contexts, and various treatment modalities, and in general the struggle to get better. It's about 30 minutes long, and there are other mental illness TED talks below on the same page, but this the first link on the page. It's a good reminder that when we feel like this we are not the only one's feeling like this. Sad, funny, hopeful.

Andrew Solomon: Depression, the secret we share

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I read The Noonday Demon years ago, and found it beautiful, an ember amid the ashes. And oddly enough, I just listened to the TED talk earlier this week, while I was soaking my joint pains NOS in the bathtub. Hasn't lost a bit of its power.

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I am watching this talk now and finding it very interesting, but what is with the hating on knitting?  Knitting does help, Mr. Solomon, thank you very much.  <_<


But no, in all seriousness and apart from that, thanks for sharing.  I may pass this along to some other people who can relate.

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