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It's normal for me. Well really, the voice will sound the same, but it will tell me that it's a different person or animal sometimes. So I'm not sure if I have multiple voices, or if my one voice is just really confused... I see multiple people and animals though, but when they talk, they all sound the same.

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I'm not sure. I don't hear them regularly enough to differentiate between them, but I know they're mostly male. I've only heard one female voice. I've heard many female screams, but only one female talking.

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All my voices were of people I knew ... so there were literally hundreds of them, some who stayed for years, some who left (or came and left).  So when I was hearing voices, they were the exact same voices as the people sounded like in real life.  I knew all of them.


So it was hard sometimes when I was out and about because I was always hearing voices and it was hard to know at times if it was real or not.

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