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Whenever I go to a public place I hear people saying things that they would only know if they could read my mind. I'm going through a lot of crazy stuff right now but this is the main thing that's stopping me from being able to have any hope for my future. If all these people can just highjack my train of thought like this then I will have to be on disability my whole life. I'm so scared, frustrated, and hopeless and all these people use intimidation to make me react and have OCD thoughts in front of them. I'm in a state of hopelessness right now just wondering if anyone has gone through something similar and can help me. Thanks in advance for your help. I just found this website and I look forward to reading more posts and participating in the forums because I can relate to so much stuff on here.

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First of all I don't want to freak you out but one of the symptoms of schizophrenia is thought broadcasting, but 

you might not necessarily have it because you have to meet a certain criteria for a certain amount of time. I seriously suggest that you see a professional.



When my OCD was at it's worst, I was convinced certain "people" could hear my thoughts and wanted to harm me. It was quite terryifing to say the least.  When it comes to your intrusive thoughts I recommend that you start practicing mindullness. Bascially when you start having intrusive thoughts just let the thoughts be and don't react to them . Yes they're horrifying but the problem is the overeaction which leads to thought suppression and or rumination that basically traps you in a vicious cycle.


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