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Mild sleep apnea. Anyone use a CPAP?

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So I vented in my blog about my mild sleep apnea diagnosis. Apparently 5 times or more a night is sleep apnea. I had 6 interruptions.

I was very upset to hear this.

I thought it wouldn't work to use a CPAP. But the nurse said they make some that go over the mouth and nose. As I mainly breathe through my mouth when I sleep.

I made an appointment with the sleep dr to discuss my hesitancy about trying a CPAP. I just need to talk to this dr. She is very good at what she does. If she pushes for me to use a CPAP I will try it then I guess. I don't know why I was so angry.

So my question is who here uses a CPAP and has it helped you?

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Hi cheese. my hubs used one for years and years. It worked wonderfully for him. He had no problem sleeping with the CPAP.  I discovered his apnea when imitating his snoring to my SIL. Hubs did the sleep study, and the cpap was born in our house. It changed my sleep habits for years. The sound of the whooshing cpap put me right to sleep, as opposed to the LOUD snoring which drove me out of the room.


Hubs eventually had a pharyngoplasty. They removed the fatty tissues and his uvula.  Now he sleeps, no snoring at all.


My brother used a bipap, which is the same except it does in AND out breathing. He loved it. Just loved it.


Sorry about the sleep apnea, but you are lucky to discover it. Sleep apnea is terrible for your heart. Try the CPAP. They have different sizes, different kinds. Make sure you get one that works for you. No beards. 

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I have a cpap. It's one that decreases the pressure when you exhale (not a bipap, but kinda similar) and it's not that bad. I had to use a hospital one when I was IP once and it didn't have the exhale feature and I couldn't use it. My pressure is relatively low at 9.0 cmH2O.


I feel a little better when I use it. I've had it for about 3 years, and didn't use it for a long time. I started using it again recently. I am having another sleep study done at the end of the month (JOY JOY!) with a new sleep specialist since I have moved away from the last Dr, and it has been so long. Medicaid needs this to approve new supplies (mask, hose, filters, etc). I probably need a pressure change, too. I'm not sure what the Medicaid policy on replacement cpaps is, but if I qualify for a new one, I will get it.


The only problem I have is the mask presses on the bridge of my nose a little (I have a mouth and nose mask). I will either talk to the DME company about getting one of those gel pads they make to take off some pressure, or see if maybe a different mask would prevent this.


The hose is rather annoying when you sleep, but you get used to it. I would recommend you get a cloth hose cover. It takes away that plasticy sound from the hose moving, and makes it much more comfortable when it touches your skin. Also, it prevents condensation in your hose and mask if you have a heated humidifier. I got my fleece cover from CreateAndBelieve on etsy.

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My husband has terrible sleep apnea (93 events per hour) and it's improved his quality of life immeasurably.  Although I don't use one myself, even for those friends of mine with a minor case of apnea, the mask made a huge difference, and it was worth the few nights it took to adjust.  (I had my husband take a few benedryl the first three nights he was adjusting and he slept like a baby.)


You'll be okay.

Big girl panties and all that.

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