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Lamictal at 75mgs and seeing an improvement?

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So I just hit 75mgs of Lamictal on Monday and while I can't tell if mood improvements are just due to my natural cycles, I have noticed that for the first time in at least two years I've been able to read two entire books in a period of a week. I've always been an avid reader until the last few years where racing thoughts and distractibilty made it impossible to focus. But this week I've read 900 pages so far.

Also as far as side effects I've had a lot of stomach pain and issues lately but I can't recall if it started before I upped my dosage.

Anyone with similar experiences?

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I had mood swing issues until I hit 100, but I am also titrating up on Seroquel, so it's hard to seperate.

I am having constipation issues. Very much med induced, but don't know which one.

The coolest side effect, or maybe it's more of a symptom of the meds working is i now have sexual desires.

Haven't had that in years.....

Mood is much improved,, but I am a bit concerned as you are that its a cycle. Time will tell

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