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Grow out of your schizophrenia?

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I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 15. I was a wreck even with medication. As the years go on I feel I'm growing out of my mental illness. Maybe because I get rejected a lot and I "learn" from it.

I am actually able to relate to people now and have little problems communicating with them.

I heard somewhere that you grow out of your mental problems there not so severe as you get older. I feel this is the case with me.

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Learning from it and growing out of it are two entirely different things. 

The way I see it is that if you can grow out of a mental illness and not be on meds, then you never had a problem to begin with. True mental illnesses do not go away, with or without meds and you don't grow out of them. The issues will always be there but they become less severe with the proper meds and therapies. 

However, if you're learning from your experiences, it can make you feel more able to cope with your illnesses and make them less able to make a negative impact on your life. 


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I believe that remission is possible in some illnesses and a few people can eventually quit medications (with supervision).  Coping mechanisms can help lots to ameliorate functional deficits.  


I kind of think this is more suitable as a blog post, though?  It does not have much information except for your feelings and has no request for information from other members.  

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I definitely have not, and will not, grow out of my Schizoaffective. If anything, it just changes with me. When I was younger, my hallucinations were cartoons. Then animals, and people. I don't think it'll ever go away, and I have to learn to accept this (Still working on it)

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