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New Doc - Focus?


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My pdoc at Mayo told me of a new doc coming down from New York that would be starting some sort of Fibro/Pain office at the hospital.  He got me in on Monday (which may actually be the first day the doc is there).


Anyway, he's an awesome pdoc, but doesn't have much experience with Lyrica.  He put me on it - but started low @ 50mg.  I'm at 100mg now.  Not up to fibro dosage yet.


Yet, I don't think that's the main reason why he put me up for the consult.


There are issues that the Mayo internist decided was caused by Fibro that isn't - there is also some shoulder muscle spasms I need botox for.


Any idea what I should bring up?  I think the main thing is that my pdoc is retiring soon and doesn't know much about Lyrica and wants to have another doc rx it -- but he's a smart guy, and I doubt his motivation is fear, so maybe he also just wants me to have another resource?


In any event, I'm not sure what to try and use it for.  Upping the lyrica to a normal fibro dose of course... but beyond that?


Talk about the hospital putting sinus pain/pressure, nausea, vomiting, fever, etc into fibro and how that just doesn't work?  Ask for a rebuttal? 


There's a pain element... so maybe push for the botox injections for muscle spasms in my shoulders/neck in spite of that really being neurology?  Or should I really be pushing for a second neuro appointment that isn't just a consult but recurring? (I had one before, but it covered a lot of topics very briefly and the major topic wasn't that.)


Any idea how I can make the most of this?  I'm going to ask again on Mon before the appointment (I have an early pdoc appt that day), but I really didn't get any further than, "hey, I can do this for you, do you want it?" before.

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The pain clinic I went to does a lot of trigger point injections which I've found extremely helpful for my shoulder/neck pain, as well as physical therapy; I highly encourage you to ask the new doctor about both.

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I'm kind of confused (sorry, I can be dense sometimes) ... is the new pain DR coming next week a pdoc, or a pain specialist?


It sounded like she is a non-pdoc who will be specializing in treating Fibromyalgia in general, with an emphasis on the pain element.  I don't know any more than that.



Thanks Sys.  I've actually tried trigger point injections and PT, but the only thing that really helps me when the shoulder/neck spasms flair up is taking a muscle relaxant.  I have to use them way more than I'd like & at really high dosages... which is why I'm now focused on the botox prevention.

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Well, I was completely wrong.


Turns out she was just a behavioral psych Fibro doc wanting to start a group education project.


I think my pdoc misinterpreted it as well, cause he seemed apologetic today when I asked about it.


For what it's worth, she was nice and said that considering my psych background (MI and educational), I likely already knew most of it, but may find tidbits of helpful info.


If I keep my SSDI, I may go to her two day course.... but only if it's not at 8am.  (There was a scheduling confusion, and Mayo put me down... so it could be the stuff is only offered at that time)  It's about a 2hr drive, so that's just not happening.  I'd be too sleep deprived and cranky to take anything in.


It does sound like there is some kind of literature involved though - which she doesn't have yet due to the recent transfer... so I may just wrangle that later and be done with it.

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