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Frequent wakenings

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It's getting to be darker here (autumn), and sleep has once again become an issue.  I'm having frequent nightmares, I'm waking up in the middle of the night as often as 3-4 times per night.  I NEVER sleep all the way through at night.


My doctor has me on 10mg ambien every night, and he says it's okay to take up to 1mg of Xanax at night too if I need to. The xanax doesn't really make me as drowsy as it used to, but the ambien wears off pretty quickly I guess.


Some people have suggested I find the *underlying reason* for not sleeping instead of just taking a sleeping pill.  But I don't think I have breathing issues, etc.  I think it's just my really anxious brain thinking about so many things it won't just shut off so I can sleep.


Is there anything else I can do as the days get shorter?  I already have my bright light that I put on in the morning while I'm getting ready.  And I turn all the lights out when I'm ready for bed.

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I've been having issues with sleep also. And it sucks because for me, I can't will good sleep or anything... Everything in life just becomes increasingly difficult the harder it is to sleep. I can't take benzos because I get maintenance ECT done and ambien doesn't work anymore. Soooo I switched to loxapine. Yep, a first-gen antipsychotic. That's the only thing that works now. Because it's typical, it doesn't make me hungry or anything... just very very sleepy and I sleep through the night. I only take 25 mg, which is not nearly the full dose (which I think starts at 200 mg? someone correct me if I'm wrong) so it's literally just for sleep. I dunno, just an idea. Good luck.

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