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Bringing Up ADHD Meds To Psychiatrist....

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Hello :)

I was diagnosed by a doctor who specializes in assessing autism spectrum disorders and ADHD with ADHD as well as the ASD. This was two weeks ago and I see my psychiatrist (not the same doctor), in a few months. I thought of being assessed for ADD a few years ago because of the trouble I was having with school involving keeping up with the class during tests, etc. but I was afraid to bring it up. I have a copy of my ASD and ADHD diagnoses to give to my psychiatrist, but I'm worried she may not suggest or want me to take meds for the ADHD, even though I really believe they could be helpful. She's always been very good at doing what is best for me and listening to me. I just don't know how to tell her I want to try meds for ADHD. My anxiety makes it very hard to bring it up. I also want to see her sooner to talk to her about it. I mean, if I can be helped by the ADHD med, I don't want to wait three months to start them. 

Does anyone have any idea as to what I can tell her or how I can bring up the subject of meds for the ADHD? I was too anxious to even bring up this question to my therapist.

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Just a thought (and I'm on my iPhone so bear with my spelling/autocorrect LOL)...

What about calling your Psychiatrist and getting an appointment to specifically talk about your new diagnosis and test results, and how it affects your treatment as a whole?

ASD, not just ADHD, can be significant in treatment because many ASD symptoms can look similar to other disorders (like psychosis, mood variants, etc.) which causes medication complications. And while talking about treatment and diagnosis as a whole, talk about the ADHD in more detail.

Writing things down in advance helps a lot with anxiety and fumbling. It helps to talk/write more about personal experience, and 'why you need help' and 'why you think meds would be beneficial'; rather than just generic bullet marks.

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