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I'm just gonna leave this here....

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27 y/o married girl with no children as of yet.  Dx bipolar II, anxiety with ocd features. on a cocktail of lamictal, zoloft, now just added in abilify, also taking birth control pills and zyrtec allergy medicine, multi vitamin and 2000iu vitamn d



well, that was boring, now wasn't it? I'm a makeup artist, a polyamorous wunderkind with an attachment to kettle corn and adjectives.


insert events that lead to the diagnosis (at age 15)


and I'm such a huge bitch but everyone seems to still keep me around?


Anyways, I'm Jen.

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Hi Jen.


Kettle corn.  yum.  I've looked around for a good recipe for that stuff, but the ones I've made are never as good as the kind you get at special events from a vendor.


Food.  It's my life. :)



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