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What did you have for dinner? bonus: What brand do you feed your pets?

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Yesterday I had 3 Bean, Quinoa, & Corn Chili with white rice and crumbly corn bread. I'll probably have the same tonight, but with loads of cheese. I can't eat fat-free meals (and that virtually was, save for the cornbread) because my blood sugar severely drops a few hours later and I get ravenously hungry, tremors, and light-headed. When that happened last night, I had apple pie with ice cream and was good as new.

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Could you come over and cook for me?   Every time you describe what you eat it sounds do good! Tonight for dinner I had a large crunchy apple, and some Smartfood popcorn.

I had Smartfood popcorn last night for dinner. Do not have a pet so I can't answer that question.

Tonight I made baked vegan mac and cheese for dinner. I added peas, broccoli, and lots of panko. I also had a handful of peanuts while I was waiting for the mac and cheese to bake. My kitty gets a

Todays meals were as follows:

Breakfast- spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts.  Iced coffee with cream and three Splenda.

Lunch- Romaine salad with NO croutons and grilled buffalo chicken on top with caesar dressing on the side.  A Chick Filet vanilla iced coffee.  (drinking some of my calories with that last one)

Snack- artificial crab with the really spicy cocktail sauce.

Dinner- A salad special.  It was an exotic white fish over baby kale greens with heirloom tomatoes, walnuts, goat chess and avocado.  I dressed it lightly with Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar.  

I also had one apple.  

I also had a small bottle of Pure Leaf Lemon Tea with sugar.  

Ugh.  I am doing better today but I should not be having sugar drinks.  

Buddy the dog isn't feeling well after he ate about half a loaf of whole wheat bread yesterday because he's a scavenger and my friend accidentally placed it somewhere he could reach it before we both left the house.

It was dark outside but he seemed to be having very watery if no almost clear diarrhea.  He's not acting sick at all though.  

I will have to wait on changing his food.  

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Today for dinner I had cajun tilapia with mashed redskin potatoes and mixed vegetables and I had a garden salad.  

Lunch was a garden burger on a whole wheat bun with steak fries and a side salad.

Breakfast was a toasted everything bagel with veggie cream cheese.

Snack was a bowl of cream of chicken soup with peas and carrots.  

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I am bumping this topic that I started in Fall 2014.

For dinner I had Tilapia Francaise which was egg dipped Tilapia, lightly fried and sautéed in a lemon sauce, served over rice and spinach.  I also had a garden salad with ranch on the side.

My after midnight snack was a ton of shredded fresh green cabbage with lite mayo and yellow mustard.  It might sound weird but it's oddly yummy.

I still was feeding my cats the same thing- Tiki Cat Tuna in a can and FROMM Chicken ala Veg dry food but a few days ago they started on a diet because they are both fat just like mommy!  I still fed them wet food twice a day but the dry food I leave out is made by Nulo and it's for overweight cats.  it's grain free and made with real fish and other good ingredients.  It's just as expensive as there other kind was.  They don;t really eat it that much but it's there if they get desperate!  


what did you all eat for dinner (or any other meal)

and what do you feed your fur babies?  

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Tonight I made baked vegan mac and cheese for dinner. I added peas, broccoli, and lots of panko. I also had a handful of peanuts while I was waiting for the mac and cheese to bake.

My kitty gets a few different brands of food. Her kibble is Whole Paws (the store brand from Whole Foods.) For wet food, I mix things up a lot. Natural Balance, Newman's Own, Trader Joe's, and Blue Buffalo are a few of the brands I buy. She occasionally gets Friskies Party Mix as a special treat.

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Fish and chips. That is fish in bread crumbs and from the supermarket, not as in the takeaway. We feed our dogs Harringtons, quite possibly the most English of dog food brands, and for the cat it's Whiska's, she probably wouldn't keep down anything else so stick with what you know.

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An orange. Yesterday I had an apple. I've been sick with a sore throat, so I haven't been very hungry. I did have a normal lunch each day, though: salmon, kale salad, and potato salad. 

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