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This is who I am, finally!

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Finally getting around to this.  BPII. I'm an observer, once spent an entire semester in college saying absolutely nothing in this one seminar.  However, once I get started...

Born a "blue baby." Mom was trying to strangle me even before I'd had a chance to breathe on my own!


Mom a concentration camp survivor, WWII, Dutch colonialist POW, Indonesia via Japan.  PSTD to the max; she dumped on her three girls as much as possible via beatings and emotional torture.  Plus there was something weird with her family anyways, lotsa epilepsy and magical voice-hearers.  Oh yeah, and she cut herself a lot and tried to kill herself and once abandoned the family for two weeks. Got degrees from Yale and Columbia and UC Law School, published a novel, died of breast cancer 6 years ago.  Took me lotsa therapy to be able to forgive this lady on her deathbed.

Dad--trash from Texas; guns, pathological depression, alcoholism run in his side of the family.  Played the clarinet pretty darn good, good enough to get into Julliard, but didn't show up because he was afraid of being poor, so became a lawyer instead.  He sexually, emotionally and verbally abused his kids and turned the other way when Mom was out of control.  Now with end-stage Parkinson's disease, he writhes around in his nursing home bed.  This is one disease you don't wanna get. 

Two sisters, one epileptic, long grey ratty hair below her butt, collects cats, kills them from time to time and dumps them into garbage cans, hears voices, cleans houses for a living, suicide attempts, thinks that she is God's emissary, and that there is nothing wrong with her, so it's not like she's ever been diagnosed MI or anything. Other sister (youngest, I'm the oldest) makes over 150k, pharmaceutical executive, big hair, monster home, 4 kids, is incredibly ashamed of our family.


45 years old,  graduate degree, professional visual artist, mainly painting.  No kids thank God, not that I don't love them. I have shows and know a few folks but I've never "fulfilled my potential" because I'm, well, MI and keep having these terrible relationships with  parental surrogates.  I'm trying to get into writing school next year or the one after via some illustrated stories, etc., I wanna do a low-residency program on the East Coast where I was born.  I am so sick of living in Berkeley and never having any money, I could buy two nice new cars with my credit card debt.  And my student loans, what a joke.  I'm also an astrologer, usta have an online personality, have practiced on my own for several years, new web site coming soon.

This has been a terrible year for me, many friendships have broken up.  I've been on and off five different meds for my Bipolar II

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Hey Yvette...you sound alot like me...Ive had some rocky relataionships..I have MI...I suffer from epilepsy myself...and I am also an artist. I consider myself a writer, although I used to be able to spell like it was some kind of God given gift...topamax has sort of...well...messed with that a little. Heh. But thats ok. One day I'll write my masterpiece...whats important is that you have made it to crazyboards and I am happy that you have introduced yourself. If you need any hel with anything, please let me know...just PM me...Lisa

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