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hey everyone, my name is stacie.


i've had 16 years here in texas. may or may not be obsessed with the x files. dolly parton is my idol.  i like to read books, write poems and prose, draw comics, plant flowers/herbs, and have good coffee with good company. fan of all things creepy and cute. fruit enthusiast. my life is centered around building and maintaining lasting relationships with people that deserve the effort. 


i've been in and out of therapy, hospitals, on and off medications since 2012 (age 13). i am currently seeing a therapist and trying to find natural ways to manage my bipolar disorder, eating disorder, anxiety disorder, and alcoholism. 


my goal in making an account here is to give and seek support and answers, and make connections with people who understand mental illness on a personal level. i hope you all will find my presence here gentle and kind. 

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Welcome to CB.  I'm also a fan of Dolly Parton.  I live near her home town and her theme park, Dollywood.  You should really check it out some time.   :lol:   

thanks! and i've looked into that before, and it seems pretty cool, it's just a long way from texas /:

Welcome to Crazyboards.  Don't be shy about contacting a moderator if you have any questions.



thank you!

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