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Doc said No to Saphris

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Saw my pdoc today. Told him I wanted to try Saphris. He straight away said no because his other patients said: It tastes horrible. The akathisia is worse than abilify and had to go off it.

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It does taste pretty bad, although one only has to endure that for a few minutes, a couple of times a day. For me akathisia was the deal-breaker. I had never experienced it before and it was just such a horrible feeling that I refused to take anymore Saphris. Some people do well on it, though. Did your pdoc offer an alternative?

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For me, the taste wasn't half bad and I had no akathisia on Saphris, whereas I had such horrible akathisia on Abilify that I could only sit down for a maximum of five minutes before I HAD to get up again. It was excruciating. However, the deal breaker with Saphris for me was when I gained forty-five pounds in three months from being on it. 

Did he suggest any other meds for you to try?

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