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Toradol - get this stuff out of me!

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I went to immediate-care last night for a migraine. They used to give me an iv and a triptan and zofran...now apparently they don't and don't recall doing that. So they gave me 60mg toradol in my butt and a zofran.


My headache was a little better and they sent me home.


I'm very sick and have been since last night when they gave it to me. I'm super pale, shaky, dizzy, nauseous, stomach pain--and my vision is all weird.


It's a little better today but not all that much. My primary said to go home and rest and increase hydration.

I really don't want to take more time off work (although he said he'd give me a note)...


Is there a way to get this stuff out of me sooner? Do I try to eat more or drink more water or what?

I hate toradol and will never let them give it to me again.

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I went to the ER. My heartrate was 147 just sitting...and skipping beats occasionally. The resident gave me a GI cocktail which was to sooth my burnt-out insides....and stuff in my IV and a giant syringe full of protonix before I left. He actually took good care of me, which was surprising--and listened to all my symptoms without being dismissive. His supervisor was a total 'c' though....she didn't believe toradol could cause those symptoms...I just let her talk and ignored her.


I feel better today. Last night, I was bloated and my belly hurt. I thought I'd never poop again with all the stuff they gave me, but I did this morning (TMI?lol) and was happy to have a 'regular' go. So I'm eating more normal food now, small amounts though...and trying to keep hydrated and fed.  Feeling a little better today and almost human again :)

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