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I find myself often frustrated with my new cognitive limitations. I am very sensitive to meds and the two AP's I have been on act as tranquilizers. I am very sharp and possibly Asperger's (medication sensitivity) so I pick up on the affects AP's have on my cognitive skills. Even on meds I still am very smart, but my mind is slower and my short term memory isn't fantastic (especially under stress). This of course could also be from the ridiculous disease we have been plagued with too, so take my AP problems with a grain of salt :(


So my question is, do cognitive limitations from the disease itself or the medications bother you guys everyday? I don't mean psychosis symptoms. We all know those just suck. I'm talking about the more subtle things like stuttering occasionally, thinking slower, poor multi-tasking, forgetting a number you just wrote down. How do you all work around this? Is there anything that helps? For those working, does this affect your work? Do people notice?


At some point in the next two months I am going to have to leave my low stress school environment (15 months) and see how well I do in the real world. So any tips that would help me stop worrying about this everyday would be appreciated! 




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cognitive impact

was a major reason


i stopped

my AP


please note

i am not 

recommending that 

for anyone else


i also had


help in

reduction of







i felt the meds

weren't doing 


but making

my brain feel

like pudding


what has helped

you most in school

in terms

of getting good grades


studying/remembering what you've studied?


those skills

will also serve you well

in a non-student setting




a disciplined routine

(however one wants)

(to define those)

help me greatly

in terms of


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I tested below average IQ on an IQ test while in a state hospital. I had a 4.0 in high school and my time in college (never graduated college and failed or withdrew all classes in the end). So I do understand.

I think it's both the disease and the meds. I don't think it's one or the other.

I think yarn is right. The tools you used to be a successful student will help you be successful out in a stressful environment. Try and harness that drive and those life skills. Good luck!

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I've been on Abilify on and off since I was 23 and I'm 34 now.  

I also took Zyprexa when i was 18 and 19.  I feel Zyprexa really did negatively affect my cognition and level on intelligence but that was then and this is now.  

On 15mgs of Abilify I am a straight A student and majoring in Medical Assisting.  I only take two courses per semester but I find that I am sharper than I was at any other time in my life.  I think that off the meds my imagination is at it's peak but that too much imagination can be harmful to me.  I remember the last time I was on no meds which was 4 years ago.  My mind spun some pretty strange webs of delusions.  They were not the kind of delusions that make you paranoid, which was good in my case.  I've also had paranoid delusions before and THAT is highly uncomfortable.  

I am really psyched about my good grades and I am really enthusiastic about learning.  I am glad that the Abilify doesn't seem to hinder that.  They say some people find Abilify to be more activating.  I suppose that explains me.  :)

Zyprexa was a lot like a tranquilizer to me.  It slowed everything down- too much though.  

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The cognitive limitations affect me, as well, and yes, they drive me up the wall. I rely a lot on my intellect to interface with others, since my affect is so poor, and with the cognitive issues in the way, some days I'm so frustrated I want to give up on it altogether. I've found that the AAPs I've taken (only risperidone and olanzapine, so bear that in mind) have both worsened this issue. Lamictal slowed me down, too. 


How do I deal? I write things down. I have a word processing app for my smartphone that I can use to jot down things like groceries I need, or reminders. I also have two whiteboards in my room, one for jotting down things I need to get, and one for things I need to remember. 


I ask for help; I will say, "Please remind me that I need to call in my pills tomorrow, if you think of it. I have it written down, but I'd like an extra reminder too." I live with family, all of whom are really good about this. 


I stick to routine as much as possible. That way I generally know where I'm going to be, when, and it's easier for me to remember basic things. 

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Thanks for the responses and ideas. My functioning varies from day to day. My occupation/degrees up to this point has been problem solving. I can make good grades, I just can't solve problems under pressure required in a work setting. I am making my best efforts to function "normally" but I am in what seems to be a mental wheel-chair. I guess I will continue to do the best I can.  I just feel like I should have a handicap sticker and a caretaker... i'm just that useless right now..

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