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New to the community!

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It's really nice to be somewhere where I can be completely honest about my brain and how it behaves without being concerned that someone will wince away. 


Hi, I'm Savannah. I have Bipolar II with comorbid OCD checking compulsions.


On good OCD days, I can check once and feel okay. On bad OCD days, I've had to drive back home or back to work to make sure that the door is locked or the oven is off, or it causes extreme and disruptive distress. Mainly because I think I'm going to accidentally kill someone from my "negligence."


I also have been diagnosed with PTSD from early childhood trauma - so that is fun as well.


I'm struggling with finding the right combination of drugs to help me live a healthy life, but my doctor has more faith and energy than I do, so we're a good pair. 


Anyway, nice to be a part of the community!

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