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Risperidone -- my friend, my enemy

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The constant sinusitis has cleared up mostly.  The last two weeks I've had the inability to sit still.  Not in a twitchy kind of way but in the way that I have to find something to do.  That doesn't make it any more pleasant just not the usual I guess. Pdoc is Friday, I think I'll be going off this.  I have had a big reduction in symptoms but they are slowly coming back.  Not worth it.  

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I've had the same thing - akathesia, from many atypical antipsychotics. Sometimes Artane (I can't tolerate cogentin, my vision gets blurred and I cannot pee) helps, other times I'll switch. I was on Risperdal Consta for a few months (the long acting injection, I'm on a long acting injection of a typical antipsychotic now because the Consta didn't help my symptoms) and I would get akathasia for a few days after the injection, but I had artane PRN and that helped stop it not long after it started.


Definitely tell your pdoc ASAP. It's a rotten side effect.

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