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Tested negative for benzo's

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I take 1 mg of clonazepam twice daily everyday. I never skip cause of withdrawals and I never run out......So I have had a steady amount of clonazepam in my system for over a year.......I didn't even know my PCP was doing a UA for drugs I just thought hypertension.....So all in all I'm confused either the test screwed up or I'm breaking down the generic klonopin very fast.....Any idea's?

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What drug test did your PCP use? A basic 5 Panel drug test only tests the "most common street drugs"  (aka: cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, basic opiates, and PCP); which does not test for Benzos.


If they did a extended 10 Panel or a specific test for Benzodiazepine's, which both have the ability to test for Benzodiazepine's in the blood, then other reasons may be because of a false negative.However even if you were metabolizing the Clonazepam more quickly, it's not very likely it would clear out completely by the time of the unexpected drug test.


On a personal note: this exact same thing happened to me. I was in the ER and they gave me a "standard drug test" (which is usually a 5 Panel for moneys sake), which showed NO Clonazepam in my system at all and got accused of lying to the doctors about taking my medications. Even though I took 1mg-3x a day and .5 as needed for Severe Social Anxiety (to which I was on for 2 years steady at the time).


ETA: I have always been med compliant, and when I confronted the ER doctor about the false accusation he wasn't really surprised and believed that I was indeed med compliant and took my Clonazepam.


I would ask your doctor what test he performed, if you don't already know.

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panel ten since there is benzo's included.....I asked him and he said do you take clonazepam everyday and I said one mg twice a day and he said it was weird that it didn't show up but he never accused me of lying.....It has a list of like ten drugs from THC OPI And OXY all of which was reviewed and negative.

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Whether or not you test positive for benzos would depend on how "sensitive" the test is that the PCP ordered (i.e. the cut-off levels for that drug).


I work in an outpatient dual diagnosis treatment program, with substance abuse as its primary focus.  We test for 8 categories of substances, one being benzodiazepines, which are not "supposed" to be taken while in our program but exceptions are made case-by-case, with the preferred benzo being clonazepam due to less abuse potential.  


About a year ago when we switched labs, several of our patients who were on (prescribed) lower-dose clonazepam (I think like 2mg a day or less) were testing negative for benzos, resulting in some staff thinking that patients were suddenly selling their pills or whatever.  (


It turns out that the new lab had a higher cut-off point for benzo levels, and clonazepam up to a certain dose did not show up in the regular.  The agency had some of the urines sent for GCMS testing (can't recall what that stands for but its basically more sensitive test...can show levels, distinguish between benzos, etc), and it turned out the clients were in fact taking their prescribed clonazepam.  


I suspect that might be what happened with your PCP.   Also, I think that's probably why I never "failed" a pre-employment drug test from my own prescribed clonazepam... unless those tests didn't test for benzos.

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