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Zyprexa and menstruation disappearing? Help!

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Oh, help. This post is going to be TMI. I've been taking 2.5 mg of Zyprexa for exactly a month, today. I am supposed to be having my period right now. But I'm not. Is it soon enough to have the side effect of loss of menstruation?


I have also had sex a few times. Irresponsibly. With a man who had a vasectomy a long while back. But I'm still freaked out -- what if I'm pregnant? I'm 45, and on all of these medications and just can't be pregnant! I took a home pregnancy test two days ago and got a negative. I just read about the loss of menstruation side effect today.


Does prolactin show up in a blood test? I'm about to lose my mind over this.

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Prolactin is easily tested for in a blood test.


There can be other factors to losing your period, but sometimes the atypical antipsychotic (AAP) class can cause a raise in prolactin and it stops your period. Talk to your doc if it doesn't come in the next few days.

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