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just 'cos it's legal now doesn't mean it's safe

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the one-man-one-woman state

constitutional amendment

has been declared


and therefore

struck down

in my state


J and i 

can get married




when the vote

for the amendment


there were

maybe three areas

in our rather large

southern state

that were against

the amendment








on "the facebook"

a local news network

keeps putting up

(somewhat) dumbass

purposefully provocative "polls"

asking things like

"magistrates in several counties"

"have refused to marry same-sex couples"

"on religious grounds. what do you think?"

"should magistrates be allowed to refuse"

"to marry same-sex couples"

"if it goes against their personal beliefs?"


and dumbass me

has been reading the comments




on some posts


full of


bad grammar







i dunno

J and i live

quiet lives

loving each other

helping our friends



trying to do

the right thing


all those





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I'm sorry, yarn. During the demonstrations against gay marriage in France, I would read through all the comments and it hurt so much. My moving to a more tolerant place also had to do with that. 

I hope one day it will get better.

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Thankfully, I don't think that the part of NC where you live is that bigoted.


I think that the government doesn't have any business having their hands in anything to do with religion and government employees can quit if they don't like that.  


And facebook or youtube comments are cesspools.  

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all ya'll

i know better

very much so

than to read 


on posts like these

on facebook



J and i 

are close 

to the non-bigot-zone city

you're prolly thinking of

but not within its zipcode(s)

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I think Internet comment sections are unusually full of bigots and jerks because they are too chicken to actually say what they think in real life.  Two years ago Minnesota struck down a ban on gay marriage and Democrats got control of the state again so a year later we legalized gay marriage.  I have not seen a lot of backlash over its legalization even though I live in a district that votes Republican (not as bad as Michele Bachmann's though).  I don't see a lot of bigoted comments on my Facebook either, but 95% of my friends are liberals, so I generally don't see anything but that.

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People are disgusting. Maybe try to look at the comments on some 'pro marriage equality' fb groups. It's lovely to read them.
Even responses to horrible people in the media, ect.'s comments. Even though theres a lot of hate, there's a lot of love too.
Sending love and best wishes to you and your partner.

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I agree that people post hurtful things online that they wouldn't have the balls (hopefully) to say in real life - but it's still upsetting, because it's what people really think when they think there are no repercussions.  


I can only imagine how upsetting it is.  I'm sorry.  I'd try to focus on the positive, of you and J and the life you've built in your community.

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It's the damn bigots and extremists who take the fun out of religion for the rest of us.


Have you ever looked up a product on Walmart's website and then read the comments about it? Talk about misspelled, agrammatical...sometimes people are just idjits, Yarn. And they like it that way.


Marry your beloved and live your life.

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I can't stand that side of social media (actually there are a lot of sides of it I can't stand but that's another post). Try to ignore the narrow minded idiots who have nothing better to do than spout rubbish. Congratulations on the fact that you can now get married if you choose :) That part is great news!

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At least you can be married now. Congratulations! :)  I hope that if you and J do get hitched, you have many happy years together. 


The internet unfortunately brings out the hate in people--or, in some cases, the troll. It's not as easy as just saying "ignore the hateful comments," because sometimes the curiosity is hard to resist (for me at least). And what has been seen cannot be unseen. I tend to avoid anything on any internet social media site that touches however remotely on trans* issues, because it just makes me feel like shit a lot of the time. 


Fortunately, as has been mentioned, there are also other places to go where you can find those who are supportive. I hope that your own Facebook friends, your real friends, are like that. Facebook can be a source of social support, too. 

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