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Low-Insight Obsessions

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Does anyone else here experience these? I suppose I'm looking to commiserate. 


Mine are much less severe and much less frequent now that I'm on medication, but when they kick in they're still quite a doozy. 


It's like my perspective goes away and I can feel my vision narrowing down until I can't see anything put the problem. I can't get perspective. I'm terrified and I absolutely cannot tell if my fear is justified. It certainly FEELS justified, and in the past I've definitely thought it was, but these days there's usually a reasonably healthy amount of doubt, if only because I know I have a condition that makes me very disproportionately afraid of things that are not an objectively reasonable risk, and that when that's happening this is usually what it feels like. I used to refer to it as my "tunnel vision" before I got my dx. I hate that feeling of reality slipping away from me. Most of the time when I'm having an obsession I know the fear is irrational, even if I can't help but be afraid of it.


On some occasions, I've had poor enough insight that I let people know of my fear or participated in really excessive compulsions (pouring rubbing alcohol over my hands repeatedly to deal with contamination, for example) that were obvious to other people. And I got that "Whoa... you're crazy..." look. I hate that look. I hate how embarrassing it is when someone else sees this. 


Can anyone relate? Does anyone have coping mechanisms for this that they've found to be effective?

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I try to take a few deep breaths when I feel my world closing in.  I remind myself that this is an obsessive thought with no merit and then I try to think about something I like.  I usually think about the lake and the feeling of being in the water.  You might want to think about places you like so you can go there instead of getting wrapped up in an obsessive thought.

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I pour rubbing alcohol on my hands all the time - I go through a bottle every couple weeks. Never thought anything of it. Just don't want to get my bird sick :)

I have obsessions without compulsions around the fear of being evil. This becomes delusional without medications. I also have obsessions about my health (really hypochondria) that I think in the past also has become delusional or near delusional.

I've learned pretty much the same coping strategies that you have - medications and remembering that I'm not always rational. My therapist also helps reality check. But it's hard. When I have this intense anxiety it doesn't feel like anxiety. It feels like I'm really evil, or I'm dying. That's my reality.

I have found with the hypochondria that having a sense of humor about it can help. I'm also completely open about it and don't try to hide it, which I think is useful. I also think that ultimately acceptance has helped me deal with obsessive anxieties. Accepting that I will die, that I am in many ways a very bad person, all the terrible things that could happen, may happen, and which I can't control. Accepting these things is really a lifelong process for all of us - but it can be useful to try and confront some of it directly.

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